Our 2nd Opinion Service is unique to Butera Wealth Management and helps clients feel more secure in their financial options. Together, we go through the most important parts of your financial plan, including your personal goals and needs, before making any recommendations or deciding if we’re a good fit. Our 2nd Opinion Service includes:

The Initial Phone Call

During our initial call, we will discuss:

  • Your present financial situation and your goals for the future.
  • An estimate of what your cash flow needs will be in retirement.
  • Big-picture estimate of Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expenses.
  • Our flat fee for this service is $1000.


Next, we work together on all necessary documentation to proceed, including going over our financial planning agreement.

Financial Information /Questionnaire

We use cutting-edge software to gather important financial information, such as the Wealth Vision Fact Finder and our Investor Profile Questionnaire. We work to understand you beyond just your investments and finances.

Reviewing Your Plan

Next, we evaluate your retirement plan and provide advice using all the information we’ve gathered. We evaluate your unique circumstance using:

  • WealthVision: We use our database to analyze data and prepare observations.
  • Presentation: We screen share our results and make any
    necessary adjustments.
  • Your access: You will have full access to WealthVision to
    download information.
  • Final plan: You will have full access to WealthVision to
    download information.
  • Investment proposal: We compare your investments versus our proposed plan.
  • Investment analysis: We explain our thinking and advise how to move forward.


At the end of the 2nd Opinion Service, you can decide if you want to work together or not. If not, you have no further obligation and can leave with a lot of useful information about your own planning. If you choose to become a client, we are excited to bring you on board and discuss the next steps of partnering with our firm.