Our 5 Step Process:

A Better Way to Select a Financial Advisor

Finding the right financial advisor when you’re about to retire is a big decision. We believe our approach provides a better way to select a financial advisor.


Initial Phone Conversation

We start with a phone conversation. Discover what we do, who we do it for, and why we think our approach resonates with a lot of people. Learn about our personal, one-on-one approach, as we move on to the next step.


Getting to Know Each Other

We’ll start by delivering a few emails over the next two weeks. These are brief, easy reading materials on what to consider when selecting a financial advisor. The information will also give you a good understanding of how we operate. If you would like to meet with us, we can move to step three.


Our Initial Meeting

We would offer an initial meeting following the emails while the information is fresh in your mind. The meeting is intended to review the information we emailed, answer your questions and offer a financial checkup.


6-Month Financial Checkup

The checkup is designed for us to work together for six months. This enables us to invest the necessary time to objectively discuss the big decisions. We prefer this approach as opposed to more traditional one meeting, one proposal interactions. Good communication helps limit mistakes in the long run.



The best part is, you don’t get locked into any long term commitments. At the end you can leave with a lot of useful information about your own planning or continue with our firm as a client. The decision is yours!