What are the most important results you want from your Financial Planning? We think these are the major ones. We call them The Big Rocks! The big financial issues many of us face. Please click on each one to see how we approach financial planning.

  • You feel confident knowing you will have enough money in retirement.

    We approach your retirement planning by first understanding what’s important to you. (Retiring someday, educating your kids, protecting your family, your long-term care needs, leaving a legacy). We setup your own personal financial planning website (called WealthVision) and add your data. Then we build an initial plan for you called “Base Facts”. We will overlay a “Gap Analysis” to determine if you’re on track or adjustments would have to be made. From there we add “What-If Scenarios” of everything that could financially impact your life in the future to make sure your prepared. (Future health/long term care costs, social security decisions, buying a 2nd home, weddings, vacations, car purchases/leasing, etc.). This is a dynamic process that becomes an ongoing service we provide our clients.

  • Having a plan in place to protect your family.

    From an investment standpoint we can stress test life’s curve balls that are thrown at us. These include bear markets, investment growth rate changes, inflation changes, suffering a possible disability, or a premature death. From an insurance planning standpoint, we will include your existing policies and provide a Gap Analysis to determine if your fully funded or not based on the stress test. In addition, we will provide analysis on existing insurance policies and provide alternative options if necessary. From a legacy standpoint, reviewing beneficiary arrangements and account titling is coordinated with your estate plan. In addition, we provide an electronic record via your own Legacy website that helps with long term organization. This approach helps to reduce the burden on family with your estate planning.

  • Knowing you have a sound investment strategy.

    We manage most of our client’s investments using an Evidence Based investment approach which is statistically driven and grounded in academic theory. When applying funds with efficient trading execution, we aim to reduce costs and provide a diversified global portfolio. The analytics are sophisticated, yet the design is simple to understand. This is a long-term approach with plenty of data that can be provided at your request. The key in working towards becoming a smart investor, is to understand the investment process is what drives the results.

  • Seeking to avoid big financial mistakes.

    One of the most important things an advisor can do is keep you out of trouble. Since we don’t have a crystal ball, we take a measured approach to personal planning and investing. We prefer the odds in your favor. Since we are strategic in nature we do not market time. We use a Bucket Strategy for investment portfolios based on your cash flow needs. We manage this by setting a specific investment objective for each account. Then we design the asset allocation based for that objective. We are focused on strategies that seek to preserve principal based on your personal planning goals.